Thursday, 17 November 2016

Water ways writing term 3

Walt:write an info report about the water cycle.

The hydraulic cycle, rather known as the water cycle is an on going cycle that happens everywhere;even now that cycle is happening.Through land,sea and atmosphere water changes form countless times(liquid,solid and gas).The processes that water goes through are evaporation,condensation,precipitation and runoff/groundwater.

Firstly, evaporation and condensation both are similar, but they have a slight difference.Evaporation is a process where a liquid turns into a gas.This happens because the water is heated up ,which causes water vapor.This means the amount of water vapor increases on hot days.To be more specific the heat breaks up the liquid molecules, so it forms into a gas.Another name for water vapor is humidity.The process of condensation is when all the vapor rises and transforms into a cloud.But, if that was all the steps to the water cycle we wouldn't have the clean water we have now.

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