Thursday, 24 September 2015

Koru Games Reflection

Image result for manU vs manCFor koru games(intermidiate tournament) I got in for football B team.Unfortunately I was injured 1 day before the tournament so was unable to play.What I enjoyed was encouraging my team and watching the games. Overall it was fun and next year I am going to get into football again.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Reflection on term 3

It's been a incredibly fast term and it's been a fun term,so I think my 3 things I've done well are, finishing SDL(self directed learning) every week and being one of the fastest to complete SDL. Second I was one of the first to get mobile license this term unlike last time. Last of all I think I got involved a lot like the mural, koru games,scratch but didn't  get to go because I was sick.Now the 3 things I want to improve next term are not getting distracted as much, to finish the term without turning the learning hand break on,lastly to finish work to the highest standard.This is my reflection  the end!!!!!


For puberty we have been learning about parts of boys and girls like penis. We have mainly been tested on what we know about and it has been enjoyable but some of the groups got silly.Also I have no idea what my next goal is.