Thursday, 27 August 2015


Walt-how to work out exponents.For maths I have been working on exponents ,I am almost on my assessment task .Exponents are the same as powers ifsomeone says 2 to the ower of 4  it means 2×2×2×2.I think my next goal would be negetive numbers.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


For Discovery me and Jack R are trying to make a game.We have changed our subject and we know nothing about an app so this also a challenge for us.My next goal would be to find a way to make a way.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Te Reo

In room 26 we have been working on saying my head hurts and my favourite sport is in Te Reo maori. Eg:He hakinakina pai ki ahau he poikiri.this means my favourite sport is football. We have also been working on our mihis and we're trying to memories it.

Writing in room 26

WALT-write a persuasive speech.In room 26 we have been doing persuasive speechs, we have to finish on about friday so we can present our speechs.I am right now on publishing and my next goal would be to have some practice.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

school related goal

One school related goal for me would be toget my silver award cause I would like to have a chance to be a leader. My next goal would be to get my gold.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

reading, writing and maths goals

My writing goal vocab , because I need to use more technical language. My writing punctuation goal is to use commas and contractions 99 percent of the time. Reading goal is to language features which I think means toknow different ways to make the story interesting like metaphors. Maths powers(squared/cubed etc)this I know how to do but I got a square root question wrong and I know that if you're good at powers you'd be better at square roots.


We got different ways of disolveing sugar in water and which way was quickest.There were ways like puting the sugar cube in cold water and hot water and we found that hot was by timing how long it took to disolve the sugar cube.We had to test if cushed sugar cube or just a sugar cube would disolve first our hypothisis was that the crushed would be faster and i was correct

Goal at school

I want to get my merit so I might get a leadership position.I want be a leader because you get to do a lot of different things and more work.