Thursday, 3 March 2016

leadership reflection FF

WALT:Take the seeds from the plants

On Wednesday we took the seeds from the plants so we could plant them next year.We were put in 8 group the first 4 groups did gardening and the other 4 went to different classes to help the juniors.

So the 4 groups that were gardening had been assigned to jobs so I was in group 4 and the job i I did was chop and drop.Chop and drop is when you cut a plant form the top to the bottom, but before we did that all four groups had to take the seeds from the plants.

We had a hard time trying to tell the juniors to put the seeds in the right envolope.I think the next step would be to plant the seeds.I think if I did that again I would put son pants not shorts on, because you start scratching yourself cause it gets itchy.

If I Could do something again,the thing I would do is taking the seeds from the red clovers.And the thing I enjoyed the least is  getting really itchy.And one thing I wouldn't want to do is getting borage because kids kept on putting them in other envolopes.

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